Rusty Toothbrush, we’re bailing water out of snowboardings’ sinking ship with the release of our second feature film #DutyFreeCorruption. A somewhat ‘new age’  philosophy (hence the #) and coincidently a pretty decent film title. 

Giving you a sneak peak into our brotherhood, the never-ending drive to snowboard, and how we ultimately… stick it to the man. 

Join us, on our crazy ass adventures over the past year, as we; gatecrash SuperPark in America, and  end up physically torturing some innocent blokes in Australia for a coupla bucks, successfully endure ice cold bucket showers in the Himalayas, then top it off with bathrobe grocery shopping in Andorra. 

This 35 minute film shows the often contrasting lifestyles we lead and the eclectic ways we approach snowboarding, each ‘corrupt’ in their own fucked up way. 

“FREEdom” has been snowboardings motto since its birth in 1965 and we think its time for some tax cuts…

This is #DutyFreeCorruption

Massive thanks to all the artists for donating this epic sound track

Music in order of appearance:

Better Than You - Uncleshit

The Schizophonics - What a Way To Go

Weathervane - THE YEARS

C-Doc - Digg It 12 FunkMixx

Cassette Tape Bandits - Spot Rockers

Roast - Leave Me Free


Epic India - Carlos Estella

Woody Vibes & Mat DTSounds - Indian Terrehappy

Deadman’s Bluesfuckers - Black Women

Deadman’s Bluesfuckers - The Cornfields Queen Brotherhood


Peppino (Alex Stewart)

Jack Errichiello

JJ Rayward

Victor Loron

Lou Macias

Tyler Chorlton

Jack Spence

Ian Matteoli

Mahi Mains


Produced: Alex Stewart & Brad Smith

Directed: Alex Stewart

Filming: Brad Smith

Additional Filming: Francesco Zoppei

Photography: Troy Tanner

Additional Photography: Kolben Saetre, Will Linstead, Federico Grego






Llop Gris Hotel

Special Thanks:

Our Families

Chiara Grisorio

Clive Dickerson

Alex Maillet

Amami & Merlin

Tomas Koudela

Matteo Rossato

Raja & Family