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“We on award tour with Muhammad my man…” Well, almost. We are a tribe, on a quest, but a slightly different creative direction to our lyrical counterparts. Excuse us… Its been a big year, navigating the ‘roads’ between Andorra, India, America, and Australia, with now a tighter than expected crew of homies. (nothing like playing human Tetris in euro sized cars for team bonding).

Yes we’re still alive, limbs intact and we’re finally ready to share with YOU our crazy ass adventures over the past year. The times are changing, so is snowboarding and so are we. Testing the boundaries with hashtags and our PREMIER TOUR for our second feature film #DutyFreeCorruption.

Save the date, and maybe the morning after too, and make sure you join us from wherever you are in the world at any of the stops listed below. Dress smart because the three main premiers will be hosted in local cinemas (on us of course) and well, if you haven’t don't fret because our apparel line will be available for purchase too.